Discovering Data Science Design Patterns with Examples from R and Python Software Ecosystem (Master Thesis)

Data Science Design Patterns are formalized with R and Python code examples. (June 2018)

A literature study on adoption of open-source software

A literature review on barriers organizations face when adopting open-source software. (December 2016)
Subsequently, this text has been revised and published in a better form on SSRN.

Digital transformation at LEGO A/S

A non-public case study on how LEGO tries and needs to marry digital and physical toy experiences for children. (October 2016)

Service Innovation at JOSEPHS

Increasing JOSEPHS' (mainly) effectiveness and efficiency for corporate clients. (July 2016)

Linguistic Consumer Profiling

Identifying Big-Five personality traits on the Facebook statuses. (March 2016)

Launching the Smart Home Initiative

Results of the Open Innovation workshop and survey are used to create a "concept" for Smart Home inventors. (March 2016)

ICT Requirements of Smart Factories

IT requirements of modern, "smart" factories are investigated and presented. (February 2016)

The Attractiveness Index of Global Economies (Bachelor Thesis)

30 Nations are benchmarked in order to create their Attractiveness Index, targeting young adults between 20-40 years old. (June 2015)

Introduction to the Corporate Social Responsibility

Understanding, Application and Managing CSR. (May 2015)

Business Valuation

Estimating Fair Value of Companies on the Example of Adobe Systems Inc. (February 2015)